The stories, characters and dialog presented here are straight out of the imaginations of the youths. Work created during each session is published here with great pride.

Season 1

Work created during our 2018 sessions- Enjoy! 


S1/E1: Tooth-Con

The most famous dentists in the world come together to innovate and inspire!

S1/E2:Training module 

In Training Module 4 you will learn the ins and outs of serving your Millennial Customers.

S1/E3:Elegant pets

There's someone for everyone at elegant pets!

S1/e5: Switchooism

Something that happens to humans and their dogs almost every day...

s1/e7: Couch potato wizard

It's not easy being the wizard! 

s1/e9: Wolf hunters

Let's go get us a werewolf.

s1/e4: Steve and linda

The worlds only puppet cooking blog!

S1/e6: FAShion Statement

A fashion blogger and inventor uses style diplomacy to get out of a jam.

s1/e8: zombie vs t-rex

Place your bets!