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Select the weeks you would like to attend. Don't be shy about enrolling students in back to back weeks... the rapport students build with one another over these two weeks will enhance the experience and the resulting creative atmosphere.  

Summer 2019

We are looking forward to two awesome sessions of Hilarious Youth in June 2019! Each is a week of acting, filmmaking, and hearty laughs. Sign up for Summer 2019 Sessions of Hilarious Youth below.

Session 1: Jun 17 - Jun 21

Session 1: Jun 17 - Jun 21


In Session 1 we sharpen our wits with the following comedic writing techniques: character foils, incorporating the unexpected, social commentary, and scene bending. We will also cover the basics of videography: lighting, composition, and audio editing.                                   

Location: 1431 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR 97201

Monday, June 17 - Friday, June 21

8:30AM - 3:30PM

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Grace Bible Church

1431 SW 12th Ave

Portland, OR, 97201