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Select the weeks you would like to attend. Don't be shy about enrolling students in back to back weeks... the rapport students build with one another over these two weeks will enhance the experience and the resulting creative atmosphere.  

Summer 2019

2019 has only just begun and here we are, already looking forward to an amazing summer of sketch comedy. We had a great time working with all of our 2018 students and families and can’t wait to follow up with a second season of Hilarious Youth! Sign up for Summer 2019 Sessions below.

Session 2: Jun 24 - Jun 28

Session 2: Jun 24 - Jun 28


In each session of Hilarious Youth, we drill down on our comedy chops with acting exercises, writing prompts and improv games. In bringing their ideas to fruition, students get exposure to the essentials of film making, lighting and set design. Each day is packed with the rewards of dedication and collaborative creativity, as we tackle such comedic principles as character foils, the unexpected closeup, motivation modulation, satire, and scene bending. 

Location: TBD

Monday, June 24th - Friday, June 28th

8:30AM - 3:30PM

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